Epicurean Endocrinology: Cooking and Growing Sex in America


Epicurean Endocrinology and Horticultural Hormones: Cooking and Growing Sex in America is a collaboration with the bio-artist Byron Rich. 

This project explores the effects of food on hormones, and hormones on food, through cooking, shared meals, experiments, and performances.

Epicurean Endocrinology uses food and vernacular cooking to examine the intersections of food production, endocrine disruptors, corporate/institutional influence and cultural ideology as they relate to biopolitics. By framing careful examination of the ways in which food affects hormone production and use in human bodies through the communal and culturally resonant act of cooking and consumption, we are bringing awareness to the ways in which endocrine disruptors permeate food through biological processes and by industrial agricultural externalities. 

Documentation, events, and more at our site: www.cookingsex.biz