Information Architecture: Case Studies

American Montessori Society 
Site Redesign
Strategy / IA / UX

Stakeholder and user research
Strategy document
Site map
Content migration strategy
Taxonomy and labelling redesign

The American Montessori Society is an association that serves the needs of Montessori educators. But the website also provides valuable information to parents and researchers – many of the site’s visitors are parents who’ve come to use its popular “Find A School” feature. AMS also organizes a large Montessori educator’s conference every year.

The existing site contained lots of relevant content, but much of it was buried deep in the site’s architecture, or organized based on organizational structure, rather than user’s needs. I acted as lead IA / Strategist to identify users and their needs, define stakeholder’s pain points, and develop a clear plan for updated site structure and functionality. We decided to use Sitecore to personalize user experiences for our two main user groups (Educators and Parents) and to break off the conference content into a separate mini-site.

I worked on this project with The Berndt Group.

Series Digital
Site Redesign / Site Editing
Content Strategy / IA / UX

Content development
Site map
Blog Editing

At Series Digital, we were constantly tweaking and improving our site and our content. I revised our site map, developed content strategy, and wrote the case studies for our most recent (and final – Series Digital was bought out by End Point in April 2017) site update. I also edited and wrote for our blog, which was a lot of fun. The blog became my personal platform for interviewing people doing work I found interesting.

I worked on this project with Series Digital (RIP).

End Point
Site Redesign
IA / Content Strategy

Content analysis
Site map
Content development

When End Point brought on Series Digital, the marriage of deep infrastructure expertise and design thinking called for rebranding and a site redesign. As content strategist and information architect, I conducted a detailed content analysis that included every page from both sites, and considered the value of each page according to the importance of the information, alignment with user goals, SEO value, and Google Analytics data.

Once we’d determined what we had, and what we could migrate or combine, we knew what needed a total rewrite. I wrote new copy for several pages, and edited remaining copy for messaging, tone, and clarity.

Simplifying site structure maintained pages (and SEO) devoted to End Point’s array of technical expertise while offering easier navigation and a more cohesive company narrative.

I worked on this project with End Point.