Nietzsche-GedächtnishalleThe exchange/exhibition Time Mutations: Vertical Horizons is a collaboration between graduate students and faculty of Mediengestaltung at the Bauhaus University Weimar and Media Study at SUNY Buffalo. Bauhaus faculty member Max Neupert, student Matthias Breuer, and I collaboratively curated works by students, faculty, alumni and a variety of international artists. In the process, we are also strengthening and articulating the ties between our academic departments.

The theme of technologically mediated time-experience reflects our experience as organizers, communicating and coordinating across distances, translations, and time-lags in transmitted video and sound. Manipulations of timelines, time-based perception, and memory have also proven to be a relevant thread in the work of our colleagues.

Since the invention of the clock and the telegraph, space and time have been harnessed to each other in a culturally imposed lock step. Standardizations in train time ultimately led to the establishment of global time zones that persist today in fundamentally structuring our daily experience of the world. Ironically, the standardization of time has had the effect of illuminating the relativity of time and space in even our most mundane experiences. From jet lag and GPS to the syncing of dozens of clocks that seem to multiply around us with every electronic device, we find ourselves constantly adrift in the waters of relative and absolute space and time. Electronic communications technologies from email to live real-time video streaming have intensified this experience in our daily lives, conditioning us to take for granted the relative speed – and lag – of mediated time and space, and to accommodate it with new social conventions and unwritten codes of behavior.

August 9th to August 14th 2011
Curated by Matthias Breuer, Liz Flyntz, and Max Neupert

Nietzsche-Gedächtnishalle (Humboldstraße 38) Weimar.  In collaboration with the Pure Data Convention exhibition.

Descriptions of works, artists, statement.

Images of installation and works.