Performing Economies: A taxonomy of Art Alt. Econ

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Performing Economies: A taxonomy of Art Alt. Econ

I presented my taxonomy of artist-produced alternative economic schemas as part of the Performing Economies colloquium in April of 2014.  The event featured talks by Silvia Federici and Renee Ridgeway as well as speakers from and tours of various urban economic and cultural redevelopment efforts in Buffalo, NY.

A slightly foreshortened version of my presentation can be seen below.

PEpresentation2 from Liz Flyntz


From the colloquium website:

Performing Economies seeks to investigate the renewed interest in alternative economic models that has emerged in response to the devastating effects of the global economic downturn. Juxtaposing concerns for financial viability with the value of cultural activity and the necessity for environmental sustainability, Performing Economies will focus on the performative, social, and political dimensions of urban revitalization initiatives. In addition, we will examine how these increasingly visible systems of exchange build on earlier forms of barter, local currency, worker cooperatives, and mutual aid. This colloquium will highlight a range of projects and practices that re-evaluate older strategies of urban development and survival and suggest progressive and radical approaches to supporting the lives of individuals and communities.