Antipodal – The app that shows you where you’re not

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Antipodal – The app that shows you where you’re not


Antipodal is a software application for iPhone and Android to show you what is on the opposite side of the Earth from where you stand.  The app uses latitude and longitude obtained from the radios on the device to determine location. This invisible graph of demarcations has been used since the 3rd century BC to navigate, predict natural events, and differentiate otherwise undifferentiated landscapes.

Antipodal uses the Google Maps API to produce an accurate representation of the user’s present latitudinal and longitudinal location, followed by a transition to the precise opposite location on the other side of the earth.  The user can see if the point furthest from them is a city, a wasteland, or (most likely) a remote section of ocean.

While we move head on into a preference for mobile technology with instantaneous communication to others, the vast swaths of distance between major hubs of human infrastructure fade from our imagination. The formulations of longitude and latitude were discovered in order to allow sailors, naval navigators, merchants, and explorers a means of moving masses of bodies and goods at great cost and effort through the expanses of space between hubs of human infrastructure. Antipodal allows for a new perspective of the earth and its environments, separated from the usual utilities of mapping technology.

Antipodal was created by my collaborator Lee Azzarello and I, working together as a collective called Perspectonauts.

We are currently at media art center Wave Farm near Acra, NY working on the application for a week while living in a cute cabin and hiking around in the mountains.
Currently we are at about 42.174981310403204,-74.02373313903809 and our antipode is at -42.174981310403204,105.97626686096191 way far out off the southwest coast of Australia.